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What Others Are Thinking And Saying About The Schaaf Administration

Pay Attention!

Posted on Nextdoor.com November 3, 2018

By Cyndi Cornelius

I just posted this on Facebook under the subject Libbby Schaaf:

Just in time for elections, Mayor Libby Schaaf has been posting all over Oakland Nextdoor about her accomplishments. Here’s what she won’t tell you in her self congratulatory posts:

1. 6k Oaklanders are homeless, yet she only built 40 tuff sheds housing only 80 people.

2. 37 homeless people, including children were burned out of their encampment. If they were housed ...

3. She decided recently to conduct illegal dumping clean up at 3 sites that Oaklanders have complained about since her administration began. The cleanups were in neighborhoods she has ignored - read Deep East Oakland.

4. Instead of firing OPD Chief Sean Whent she allowed him to retire, full pension mind you, after he covered up the rape of a minor by several OPD officers. Why did Chief Whent’s wife call the minor, how did she get the minor’s telephone, and what could she possibly have to say to her? Keep quiet?

5. No public land policy so our public land continues to be sold to out of state developers for a fraction of their value.

6. Her administration continues to sabotage the work of the civilian based Police Commission. And she insisted on appointing 3 members even though voters wanted complete independence from City Hall. Measure LL passed by 83% of the vote.

7. Doing absolutely nothing for the immigrant population but yelling at Trump. We all are doing that but we have boots on the ground doing the hard work.

8. Oaklanders are feeding, building shelters, donating clothing, shoes, toiletries and the like for our unhoused neighbors. Libby steps over and drives by the homeless on her way to City Hall.

9. She and hubby gave $999.00 apiece to a PAC to try and defeat a Councilperson. The PAC and the majority of its donees don’t live in Oakland. Outside big wigs trying to influence the way Oaklanders live.

10. So much more, but I have to go deliver clothes to the homeless.

Thank you neighbors for donating the clothes. Love you. Thanking all Oakland neighbors who either are donating to our unhoused neighbors, going to the homeless encampments where the need is the greatest, speaking at City Council and City committee meetings and attending community meetings where real work is ongoing, unlike in the Mayor’s Office.

Editorial: No There There For Oakland Children’s Initiative

Mayor Schaaf’s 30-year, billion-dollar Measure AA throws taxpayer money at a problem with no clear plan 

Published by the Mercury News October 30, 2018
Posted on the OGS Website November 3, 2018

Providing early childhood education is an excellent way to bolster children’s chances for success in school and in life. And providing mentoring and financial assistance would help balance the inequities in access to a college education.

But Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s 30-year, billion-dollar Measure AA “Oakland Children’s Initiative” is a poorly conceived attempt to throw taxpayer money at the problem with no clear budget or plan for achieving the goal.

Voters should reject Measure AA.

The initiative would levy a $198 annual tax on single-family houses in the city and $135 on apartments and residential condominiums. Commercial properties would be taxed at multiples of the single-family rate depending on size.

The tax would bring in $30 million the first year. It would increase with inflation each year. And, of course, it would be applied to new homes constructed during that time.

Do the math and voters are being asked to approve a tax of about $1 billion — in today’s dollars.

And it’s not clear where the money is going, for there is no plan. Only guidelines for establishing one. There is no budget. There is no explanation provided of how the amount was determined.

There is no guarantee all the money would supplement existing city services because it could be siphoned off when existing funding dries up to support current children’s programs. There is no voter review of this unprecedented proposal for 30 years. Thirty years!

The city auditor says the city estimates 20,000 children would benefit from the funding. Backers say it would help more than 10,000 kids annually. That’s a wide disparity that speaks to the fuzziness of the entire measure.

Measure AA is tax first, figure out the details later. It’s backwards, and it’s unacceptable.

[Click on link to go to entire article]


Opinion: Homeless Advocates Criticize Mayor's Tuff Sheds

Published by the Oakland Post September 23, 2018
Posted on the OGS website September 27, 2018

The following op-ed was written by members of the Homeless Advocacy Working Group, James Vann and John Kirkmire, who criticize Mayor Libby’s plan to build install Tuff Sheds in Oakland in response to the homelessness crisis:

In a meeting, the Homeless Advocacy Working (HAWG) told Mayor Libby Schaaf that Tuff Shed villages were not a worthy approach and would not be among HAWG’s menu of solutions.

The Tuff Sheds, however, have been good for Mayor Schaaf’s image.  They give the outward un-scrutinized appearance of accomplishment, of something positive being done—despite their less than “drop in the bucket” impact on the real and escalating crisis.

[Click on link to go to entire column]

Reflections On A Visit To Tuff Sheds Site

Published on the Shelter Oak website September 9, 2018
Posted on the OGS website September 10, 2018

A group of workers ready Tuff Shed temporary housing units along Northgate Avenue and 27th Street on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, in Oakland, Calif. The city has leased land from Caltrans and installed 20 units that will house 40 people. 

OGS Website Note: The use of Tuff Sheds by the City of Oakland on city-sponsored homeless encampments is one of the responses by the administration of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to the homeless crisis in Oakland.

Opinion by John Kirkmire

Passing by the Northgate Tuff Shed site there seemed be a vast improvement over the out-of- control homeless encampments that overwhelmed the intersection at Northgate and 27th a few months ago. The area is cleaned and orderly and the green Tuff Sheds look way better than makeshift tents. It seemed to me the city, along with private donors, had found a useful path to address homelessness.

While the site is useful as a Navigation Center to help expedite available social services and hopefully process the homeless toward permanent housing, this 'safe' site can also be viewed as a controlled incarceration of the homeless, removing them from around the area and clustering them together where they need to sign in and out at a singular entry/exit point of the gated and barbed wire enclosure. Each of the 20 units has two occupants assigned to it who then share a claustrophobic 15 x 8 space. There is NO running water on site for the 40 inhabitants, screeching  BART trains and endless noise of the overhead freeway make the site that much more symbolic of an uncaring community. 

After touring inside Northgate I have concluded that Tuff Sheds, now known as Cabins  (Orwellian name for tool sheds) are inhumane, undignified and a terrible way to treat the disenfranchised who have come to expect nothing but grief from a gentrified society. To all the many well-intentioned people involved in this project, if any of us had to spend a full day/night on site, tool shed villages such as this would never have been created. It is a reflection of the disrespect we have for the homeless.

[Click on link to go to complete column]

Hold Mayor Schaaf Accountable For Her Affordable Housing And Police Reform Failures

Published by the Oakland Post September 5, 2018
Posted on the OGS website September 7, 2018

Opinion By Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold is an Oakland journalist, researcher, archi­visit, cultural historian and multimedia producer.

The Mercury News (August 12, 2018) reports that as a can­didate Libby Schaaf promised that 28 percent of the housing built in Oakland would be af­fordable.

The article also notes only 6 percent of housing currently in the pipeline is considered “af­fordable.”

Most of that 6 percent “af­fordable” housing was gener­ated by community-benefit agreements, and not solely by impact fees—which do not guarantee onsite affordable units in new developments.

How is that acceptable, if displacement and affordability are the top two issues in Oak­land today?

If Lailan Huen, Ayodele Nzinga, Carla Service, Alvina Wong and I had not personally negotiated those community benefit agreements, the afford­able housing in the pipeline might be closer to 1 percent-2 percent.

The residents of Oakland are owed an explanation of why this 28 percent target was not even in the ballpark.

That is either incompetence or benign neglect or both. If private developers can hit 20 percent affordable housing targets, and BART can hit 30 percent, what is the reasonable explanation for Oakland’s poor performance in this area?

[Click on link to go to complete column]

Oakland Enables A 21st Century Diaspora

More Working-Class Black/Indigenous Families and Elders Evicted from Oakland as a Result of Gentrification and International Real Estate Speculators

Originally released by Poor Magazine August 21, 2018

An entire building of working-class tenants of color, veterans, children and an infant evicted by a wealthy foreign investor now face homelessness or removal from Oakland.

"My family has been living in the Bay Area for generations and now we have nowhere to go," said Franki Velez, Army Veteran and mother of three. Her entire family is being evicted, along with other tenants, from their small building in Oakland for no just cause, except that their building was bought by a wealthy foreign investor.

For the last 10 years, working class families of color have been facing a violent rise in evictions from their life-long homes, resulting in the rise of homelessness forcing many families to sleep in their cars or on the streets.

"If Libby Schaaf really wants to do something about homelessness she needs to put a moratorium on these speculative evictions. They are directly connected to the rise in homelessness,” Velez said.

Housing justice advocates are demanding that Schaff use City funds to purchase land for working class and poor people to create their own housing projects. Homefulness, a project in Deep East Oakland launched by homeless, formerly homeless, and indigenous families, is working to reclaim this already ‘occupied’ indigenous land with redistributed resources they call “Community Reparations.” The work of The Village, a group of volunteers building homes and services for the unhoused, has also been critical and needs to be better supported by the City.

The Oakland We Knew And The Mayor’s Race

Originally published in Drake Talk Oakland August 20, 2018

[OGS website note: Pamela Drake's "The Oakland We Knew" includes Ms. Drake's recommendations for the November 2018 Oakland mayor's race. The OGS website is not taking positions on the mayor's race or reporting on it in any way, so for that reason, Ms. Drake's recommendations have been removed from the posting of the column on this website. Anyone wishing to know Ms. Drake's recommendations in the mayor's race are free to look them up on the Drake Talk Oakland blog.]

Libby Schaaf’s Record

It’s hard to know how seriously Oakland folks will take this contest at a time when we are glued to twitter trying to understand the circus in Washington, but local politics are also a reflection of broader issues coming home to roost.

Libby Schaaf was a local apparatchik for a number of party politicians before she was elected to a single term on the council. She then ran what a pundit described as a “stealth campaign” for mayor. While everyone was busy blaming Jean Quan for all our ills and taking pot shots at Rebecca Kaplan, Libby Schaaf was tooling around town making goo goo eyes at reporters about her Oaklandish cred. [That was some ish alright.] After she released her secret weapon, an endorsement by Governor Jerry Brown, she turned out to be the top vote getter in that Ranked Choice Voting surprise.

Now almost 4 years later, we areexperiencing a human disaster like none we’ve seen in our 152 history. Thousands of Oaklanders are living in squalor on the streets and whole neighborhoods have been destabilized by gentrification. Of course, Ms. Schaaf cannot be blamed for the sudden rise in homelessness but the level of indifference she’s shown to these conditions, has been, until very recently, stunning. 

[Click on link to go to complete column]

Mayor Schaaf: Do The Right Thing!

Original publication date in The Action Network unknown
Posted August 20, 2018 on the OGS website

Online petition sponsored by IFPTE Local 21

It’s politicians like Libby Schaaf that make us wonder whether corporate democrats are much different than republicans. 

Democrats who say they can be counted on to do the right thing, but really support the interests of the wealthy, make it hard for people to vote for them.

They say the status quo will change, but somehow it doesn’t. That’s because it works for them; the big donors, the political career, the art of using words without really saying much at all.

The people are tired of playing this game, and they are tired of being told to vote for candidates that don’t have their best interests at heart.

Real progressive values mean standing up to big money and speaking truth. They mean throwing caution to the wind and siding with the little guy, the oppressed, the everyday folks. Progressive values mean taking a good hard look at the system and deciding that enough is enough.

Mayor Schaaf is a corporate big business democrat.

Promises were made when Libby Schaaf was elected that have not been kept. Residents were told that affordable housing and helping people get off the streets were top priorities. Workers were told that they would be made whole for all the losses they suffered during the great recession. Oakland was supposed to move towards being a city for everyone.

Instead, the housing crisis continues to escalate, and the streets are filled by displaced people and garbage. City departments are underfunded and understaffed, and workers have taken to the streets in a massive strike to protest unfair labor practices, dishonest budget numbers, and under funding of city services and workers. Meanwhile, Oakland is inviting businesses like Uber to come to the city, the Mayor has stacked the planning commission with Real Estate Industry Representatives, and been accused by the City Council members of doing things like shifting soda-tax funds away from their intended use and delaying an ICE raid hearing about potential public misinformation. Doesn’t that seem upside down?

Is being true to the people more important, or being true to backers who might further your career more important? Oakland residents and workers are wondering whose side Mayor Libby Schaaf is really on.

Sign your name if you think Mayor Schaaf needs to rethink the kind of politician she is if she wants to win in 2018. In Oakland, we expect a leader who can stand up and do what’s right. We call on the Mayor to worry less about her political aspirations and more about the people of Oakland!

[Click on link to go to entire article and online petition]

Open Letter To Mayor Libby Schaaf And The City Of Oakland — “Illegal Dumping”

Originally published May 3, 2018 in Medium
Posted on the OGS Website August 5, 2018

By Shaniece Alexander

I’m writing to you as a three year renter in District 7 and leader of an equity driven community based organization. I am a frustrated Oaklander and must offer critical feedback and alternative solutions to addressing the issue of “illegal dumping” in Oakland based on the proposal presented by Mayor Libby Schaaf on May 2, 2018. In this letter I will offer four practical solutions in hopes that they will be taken into consideration as the City moves forward in its policy implementation.

As a social justice advocate, I’ve committed my organizing efforts in Oakland around centering economic and health equity through policy and practice. This work crosses the intersections of community food systems, bridges generations, economic classes, and impacts a diversity of ethnic and cultural groups. It must be known that the recent announcement by Mayor Schaaf to roll out an “aggressive new approach to combating her city’s rampant and often disgusting litter problem,” is a reactive, ineffective response to addressing Oakland’s ongoing issue of blight that’s only been exacerbated by the housing crisis and rampant displacement of people of color and poor community members in Oakland.

The decision to spend $500,000 (of which the funding source has not been communicated) to hire three “litter enforcement officers” or “trash detectives” as the mayor states, is neither an aggressive or remotely reasoned solution to rectifying the current and/or future dumping of trash in Oakland. In fact, this proposal will purposefully increase the policing and criminalization of communities of color. It seems that this money could be more effectively used as a resource to address the immediate concerns of community members while setting a practical foundation for ongoing action to solve the underlying problem, which is mass displacement of people who work, advocate for, and raise their children in a city that they cannot afford to live in.

[Click on link to go to complete letter]

Davey D Statement On Mayor Schaaf And The "Proud Boys" White Racist Invasion Of Oakland

Proud Boys agitator at Berkeley rally, April, 2017

Posted on Facebook July 21, 2018
Posted on OGS Website July 22, 2018

Davey D, an Oakland-based nationally recognized journalist, adjunct professor, Hip Hop historian, syndicated talk show host, radio programmer, producer, deejay, media and community activist, posted the following statement on Facebook about Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's failure to respond to the Proud Boys' plans to invade Oakland:

So it’s been 2 or 3 days since word has gone out about these Neo Nazi types coming to down town Oakland... There have been press releases, meetings etc...

It’s great to see the community organizing in response to this.. What’s pretty glaring is the silence from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

Why isn’t she holding a press conference to warn residents about white nationalists invading this city?? She was pretty determined to give warning s about ICE raids.. Was she doing that bc she was concerned about the safety and well being of Oakland residents or did she do that to score political points??

If the Mayor was concerned about the safety of Oakland residents why wouldn’t she be boldly denouncing these Neo Nazi types who are planning on coming to town??

Why hasn’t she smashed on any business hosting or accommodating these folks??

[Click on link to go to complete article]

Note: A day after Davey D's Facebook post, Mayor Libby Schaaf released the following statement on Facebook:

Tomorrow, Make Westing and several businesses in the Uptown Area will be holding events in opposition to the planned meet up in Oakland of groups with racist views who have committed violent acts in the past, including the horrific events that occurred in Charlottesville, VA. I stand with these local businesses and oppose any effort by White Nationalist organizations and their allies to bring their vitriol or violence to our community. We are a city that values all people, no matter their nationality, religion, skin color, sexual or gender identity, or where they were born. We refuse to be intimidated and will not back down or stand quietly as groups bring violence and/or messages of hate to our neighbors.

The Public Safety Report Dog And Pony Show

Posted July 19, 2018 in Facebook
Published on OGS Website July 20, 2018

By Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks

Mayor Schaaf's Safety Town Hall July 19, 2018 Laney College Theater

Just getting home from the Mayor’s dog and pony show on Public Safety. I’m not clear why it was important to have tonight’s meeting to present Information from Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt’s reports. The last report released by Dr. Eberhardt was almost a year ago. They produced no new information at the meeting. Nor did they say how racial disparities decreased since Dr. Eberhardt’s last report. 

What the meeting confirmed is that the Mayor and her administration have failed to address racial disparities in policing at OPD. Dr. Eberhardt’s reports confirmed that African Americans are stopped and searched more than all other groups combined; African Americans are handcuffed at disparate rates; OPD officers speak to African Americans less respectfully. Despite making theses findings almost a year ago neither the Mayor, the police Chief or Dr. Eberhardt offered any changes to reduce these disparities. 

Rather they would distract the community to believe we should shift to precision policing and reduce the number of people being stopped. Too bad Dr. Eberhardt’s report showed that although the footprint of people who were stopped had gotten smaller racial disparities for African Americans actually went up. Precision policing is a useful tool, but clearly it alone doesn’t reduce disparities. 

According to Dr. Eberhardt Five thousand African Americans we’re stopped without justifiable reasons. This is unacceptable! It is insufficient to tell us what’s happening and do nothing to fix it. Libby, it’s not enough to say that racial profiling is unacceptable tell us what you intend to do to stop it and how Dr. Eberhardt’s work will reduce racial disparities going forward. That the main reason we hired her.

Mayor Of Oakland Pissed Stanford Professor Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt Contract With The City Was Cut

Published July 19, 2018 in Oakland News Now
Posted on the OGS Website July 20, 2018

By Zennie Abraham

Stanford Professor Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt has conducted racial bias studies focusing on the  since 2014. According to Stanford University News, “racial disparities in how  officers treated African Americans on routine traffic and pedestrian stops.” Moreover, her work revealed what may be shocking to white folks in Oakland, but black folks in Oakland and around America already know: African American police officers can be just as hateful toward African Americans in patrol areas they cover as their white counterparts.

The cost of the research – $250,000 overall – is exhorbitant, especially considering that the findings lead even the most uncarring observer to say “the city of Oakland spent that for that?” So, given that view, it came as no surprise to this blogger that the City of Oakland’s Public Safety Committee voted to cut the Stanford contract. 

But Oakland Mayor  was not only surprised, she was and is massively pissed off. However, I think the reason Libby’s madder than a mad hatter has more to do with who cut the contract than the fact that it was done: Desley Brooks, the chairperson of the Oakland Public Safety Committee.

[Click on link to go to complete article]

Community Action Needed Against Illegal Dumping And Litter

Originally published in the Oakland Post June 26, 2018

Picking up and preventing illegal dumping is the responsibility of the Libby Schaaf Administration.

By Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks

Litter has be­come a major prob­lem in Oakland. Throughout the city you see the devastating effects of ille­gally abandoned construction waste and garbage. It blights our streets and parks, impacts our health and safety, and is a disgrace to everyone who calls Oakland home.

Despite my advocacy and the work of many volunteers, our city services still don’t have the capacity to meet this challenge. Between 2011 and 2016, calls to report illegal dumping increased 129 percent. The old, complaint-driven model is inadequate. We are reaching crisis levels, and something needs to be done.

In my district, I spearheaded an innovative pilot program to address illegal dumping. Instead of following the typi­cal complaint-driven process, we organized a rapid response team that proactively removed litter from wherever they found it in their designated zone.

This program made a vis­ible difference while it was ac­tive, and now that it has ended we can see the problem getting worse again. This pilot program was effective and cost-efficient, collecting more waste per man-hour than regular garbage trucks.

I asked the administration what it would take to ramp up this program and make it city­wide – they estimated it would cost $3 million. After seeing how effective this program was in my district, I know what a huge impact this program could have on our city.

I was gratified that the Coun­cil voted to fund a partial ex­pansion of the program – but one three-person crew just isn’t enough. I’m in this for the long term and want to deliver long term solutions.

This problem affects every­one in Oakland, and it’s going to take broad support to make change. Oaklanders deserve clean streets. Oaklanders de­serve to take pride in their neighborhoods.
Oaklanders deserve a city that responds to their needs.

[Click to link to complete article]

City Of Oakland Department Of Transportation Pissing Off Oaklanders Right And Left

Originally published in Oakland News Now June 19, 2018

By Zennie Abraham

Wow. The City of Oakland Department of Transportation is just about two years old, and it’s already gaining media – the negative kind and from Oaklanders. 

The Oakland DOT was started as part of the City of Oakland’s 2015-2017 Budget, and came with lofty goals of providing a kind of center of decisions for public works projects and initatives with a transportation orientation. Everything from street and traffic light planning to bike signage now comes through, and from, the Oakland Department of Transportation. 

This is what Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said when she announced “OakDOT” as it’s nicknamed: “A better Oakland starts with better streets today, in every part of our city. We need a world-class transportation department to take a fresh look at our streets, and provide Oakland residents with safer, healthier and more accessible ways to get around, to and from work and school. Equitably enhancing our streets and adding to the array of viable transportation options in Oakland in creases the vibrancy of our urban community.”

That’s all well and good, but what Mayor Schaaf forgot along the way was one word: service. It’s been replaced by another word: arrogance. And it’s that way that’s pissing off Oaklanders left and right.

[For example,] this is what OakDOT put out on Twitter June 8th: 

“We’re closing 1300 construction related service requests that are over 30 days old. If we mistakenly closed a service request that still hasn’t been resolved, call 311 and we’ll open it back up right away.”

[Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca] Kaplan Twitter tweets: “Who authorized OakDOT to close many service requests without fixing them? This is Not okay! You have been telling people to use the complaint-based system – now demanding they report again is bad and disproportionately hurts communities that have less free time and technology!”

All of this falls on Oakland DOT’s Director Ryan Russo. Will he change the bad Oakland bedside manner he’s responsible for?

[Click to link to complete article]

Mayor Libby Schaaf’s Administration And Her Allies Block Funding For Construction Job Training

After 8 Months in Limbo, Oakland Council Sticks With Status Quo On Job Training

Originally published in the Oakland Post as a two-part opinion piece, June 6 and 13, 2018

By Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks

Oakland is at the center of the larger region’s prosperity with about a three percent un­employment rate; experts say this economic prosperity will only continue to grow.

Intentionally left out of this prosperity has been Black and Latino youth, women of color and persons formerly incarcer­ated, all of whom face an un­employment of 3 to 10 times of this three percent rate.

Those who find low paying temporary jobs are forced to make a choice between dedi­cating a majority of their salary to higher and higher housing costs, food for their families, moving far away, or to living on the streets.

The politics of this eco­nomic opportunity paired with growing inequity and city’s status quo administra­tion came to fruition this past Tuesday June 5.

Despite repeated demands to pass policy, invest resourc­es and hold our job training and placement programs ac­countable, the Council failed to take any action or even to discuss the issue.

The Council, Mayor and Administration have once again failed to deliver for our residents who are being left out of this boom economy.

[Click to link to complete article]

Oakland Drags Its Feet In Helping Equity Pot Startups

OGS Website Note: the administration of Mayor Libby Schaaf is responsible for creating the program to disburse the money from the cannabis tax.

Originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle June 3, 2018

By Otis R. Taylor Jr.

Oakland promised to set aside $3.4 million in cannabis tax revenue to offer no-interest loans to startup marijuana businesses that qualified for the city’s equity program.

The good news is that the city has finally set aside that money.

The bad news is that it won’t be available for several months, and the startup businesses relying on that help — many are hanging on by a thread — may not be around by then.

What we have here is another example of how Oakland’s execution of its hyped-up equity program is failing the people it was designed to help.

The city collected the $3.4 million in cannabis tax revenue by March, according to Greg Minor, an assistant city administrator. But the city must hire a consultant to develop a plan for how to disburse the loans. ... Minor told me he thinks it will be three to five months before the city starts issuing loans.

The city should have lined up the consultant well before the equity fund reached the $3.4 million mark. Small pot businesses are struggling to get off the ground. Will they be able to hang on, or will they get smoked out by the well-funded ventures circling Oakland with the munchies?

[Click to link to complete article]






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Community Action Needed Against Illegal Dumping And Litter
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